The MDI is our most popular mirror mount. The mount is available with different front plates (from closed up to two inch) and two or three screws. It is our standard mirror mount which can be used for most applications in the lab.


  • Stable Mirror Mount
  • Open or closed body plate
  • Different front-plates available
  • M6 thread with M4 inner lowering (standard)
  • M4 or M8 thread available on request
  • #8-32 or ¼"-20 thread available on request

New front plates 2012
MDI Mirror Mound


Screw Options:

Fine thread screws Model 4:

  • with 250 μm/turn (100 TPI)
  • with 150 μm/turn (170 TPI)
  • with 100 μm/turn (250 TPI)

Micrometer screws:

  • Micrometer screws with 500 μm/turn (50 TPI)
  • Micrometer screws with 250 μm/turn (100 TPI)
  • Micrometer screws with 100 μm/turn (250 TPI)



Back plates options:

Front plates options:

Fine thread screw options:

Thread options: