Radiant Dyes offer a variety of fine thread screws and micrometer screws. The screws are made in single-part production and are aligned to the nuts. This guarantees that the screws do not scratch or bounce and they can turn smoothly without jerking.

Radiant Dyes offers high quality fine thread screws with three pitches:

  • Fine adjustment screws with 150 μm/turn (170 TPI)
  • Fine adjustment screws with 250 μm/turn (100 TPI)
  • NEW: Fine Thread Screws with 100 μm/turn (250 TPI)

 Fine thread screws

Options for all Fine Thread Screws

  • 4 mm fit for plastic heads
  • Hexagon socket without knurled head
  • Hexagon socket with knurled head
  • Counter nut (Screw length +2 mm)
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Besides our standard models we also produce custom-made screws

Radiant Dyes offer a variety of precise micrometer screws. Different threads (500, 250, 100 μm/turn) and adjustment lines are available.