Prism Mounting

Radiant Dyes offers several products to mount prisms. You can use prism turn tables, inclination tables (mirror mounts which can be used horizontally) or normal MDI mirror mounts with clamping arms.

  • Prism Turn Tables
  • Mirror Mounts for Prism Mounting
  • Inclination Tables
  • Beam Dump

 Prism Mounting

Prism Turn Tables

RD-PDT-B (big)

RD-PDT-S (small)

  • Maximum capacity central 100 N
  • Inclination around both horizontal axes ± 3°
  • Turning around the vertical axis ± 9°
  • Adjustment sensitivity 2'
 Prism Mounting

Mirror Mount for Prism Mounting



New back-plate with clamping arm for mounting of prisms (one clamping arm included).

 Prism Mounting

Inclination Table

Our mirror mounts (MDI-G) can also be used as inclination table, because there is a M6-thread on the back. The mounts as inclination tables are offered with thread pin and alternate inserts for optical components. The alternate insert offers the  possibility to rotate the optical components around the axis perpendicular to the inclination table.

  • MNI-inclination table RD-ICT-MNI with alternate insert and one clamping arm
  • MDI-inclination table RD-ICT-MDI with alternate insert and one clamping arm
  • MXI-inclination table RD-ICT-MXI with alternate insert and one clamping arm
 Prism Mounting