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Raman cells

Raman shifters are suitable for a frequency conversion of fixed or tuneable laser sources and for the suppression of amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) and are based on stimulated Raman-scattering (SRS). The most commonly used gases for this purpose are H2, D2, O2 and N2. SRS is a flexible, economic and easy to handle wavelength extension method.
In addition, tuneable radiation down to 150 nm can be generated if the pump (dye laser) radiation provides sufficient high energy (= 30 mJ) and good focusability. Starting in the visible or ultraviolet with tuneable dye laser radiation, the complete spectral interval down to 150 nm is accessible without gaps by using different dyes.
The conversion efficiencies are more than 20% for the first Stokes and around 5% for the first anti-Stokes component. The efficiencies for higher order anti-Stokes components scale approximately with:
ASn+1 ~ ASn x 0.3 for n > 1
Continuous tuneable radiation from 190 nm (anti-Stokes generation) up to the far infrared region (Stokes generation) can be generated by using one Raman cell and one non-linear medium (e.g. H2).
Vacuum-flanges to connect the Raman cell to a vacuum vessel can be ordered from Radiant Dyes.

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cooling aggregates

For cooling lasers and other laboratory equipment

Our cooling systems (water/air) and heat exchangers (water/water) are completely made of stainless steel and can be operated with anti-corrosive coolants which prevent a corrosion of excimer lasers as well as a calcination of laser cooling circulators.
The cooling power of our cooling systems is between 0.5 - 6 kW.
They are equipped with efficient recirculation pumps, which provide a flow rate of 10 - 15 l/min in excimer lasers for example.
Our cooling systems RDK Maxi can be extended to a total of three cooling circulators by the use of two additional pumps. Thus a simultaneous cooling of up to three lasers or one laser and several dye circulators is possible with only one cooling system. The cooling systems RDK Midi can be equipped with one additional pump.
On principle, inexpensive custom-made systems can be supplied with only minor changes to our standard systems.
Our RDK systems are not designed for de-ionised water or other aggressive media, on request, they can also be supplied for these coolants.



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heat exchangers

In laboratories with existing cold water circulators, our standard heat exchangers are a good alternative for cooling bigger systems; for example for the cooling of high power excimer lasers, argon or krypton-ion-lasers as well as other laboratory equipment. Our standard heat exchangers do not have a temperature stabilisation.
The mentioned cooling powers are based on a flow rate of 20 l/min. and a water temperature of 12 °C on the secondary side. At different temperatures or different flow rates the cooling power changes accordingly.
Besides our standard systems we are in a position to manufacture cooling systems up to several 100 kW, according to customer specifications.

Cooling Aggregates

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