The NarrowScan pulsed dye laser series is based on a new resonatordesign with a very narrow linewidth (< 0.04 cm-1) that has been optimized in design and specifi cations by laser experts over many years and can now be used with pump laser pulses as short as 4 ns. The laser has very rigid and massive middle and side plates, ensuring a very high stability in the oscillator and pre-aplifier.


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Our NarrowScanK Dye Laser is the Compact version of our NarrowScan. The specifications are the same. For more information please see PDF




NarrowScan HighRep [kHz]

Our NarrowScan series with polarization matched oscillator is ideal for multi-kHz, Q-switched pump sources. The high power dye laser output with high spectral purity and stability can be frequency doubled with high conversion efficiency.

NarrowScan DPSS / Standard / Compact

Fully integrated Laser System with Nd:YAG pump lasers

Our highly compact NarrowScan laser design makes it possible to integrate Nd:YAG lasers of the InnoLas Spitlight Series to ensure an independent and ultrastable operation.

The following laser options can be easily integrated into the housing of the NarrowScan laser to guarantee a rigid and compact structure.

NarrowScan DPSS

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Broadband pulsed dye laser

Broadband- dye laser with non-selective cavity. The laser can be equipped with the following pump mirror sets:

• Mirror set 1: 330 - 420 nm
• Mirror set 2: 420 - 720 nm
• Mirror set 3: 550 - 900 nm

Broadband pulsed dye laser

Midband Pulsed Dye Laser

Tunable dye laser, resonator with prism as disperse element and one dye circulator RD 250 FC 20, 10x beam expander

Linewidth (typically): approx. 1-2 nm
Maximum pump energy: 80 mJ
Tuning range: 330-850 nm

This system is very close to RDP-1M, but with oscillator and amplifier in one 20 mm dye cell.

Max. pump energy: 160 mJ.

This system is close to RDP-2M, but with oscillator, amplifier in one 20 mm dye cell and main amplifier in a 40 mm dye cell.

Pump energy: up to 1 Joule

Midband pulsed dye laser