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ready-to-use dye

Ready-to-use dye solutions

As a special service we offer ready-to-use dye solutions, which are made individual on customer request.
But please note: we recommend to buy dye an solvent separately, because dyes have a better durability as a dry powder than as solution.

important advice

Important advice: 

Take care, that your dye solution contains no solid particles before the use. Often an ultrasonic bath helps to solve the dye.

At a change of dye to another wave length the dye circulator must be flushed with clean solvent. Otherwise the efficiency can be reduced or destroyed by dye rests.

please notice:

Handle all dyes and solvents with care! A lot of dyes (also as solution!) are known as hazardous or irritating. The solvents can carry the dyes through the skin into your body (e.g. Benzyl alcohol, DMSO, Dioxan, Methanol) Always wear rubber gloves, protecting masks, goggles and clothes when weighing and solving the dyes. In case of skin contact wash with plenty of water!

Please, make yourself clear, which solvents are combustible and take care to avoid any danger!


data of dyes

for Excimer Laser Pumped Dye Lasers - Pumpwavelength: 248 and 308nm
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for Nitrogen Laser Pumped Dye Lasers - Pumpwavelength: 337nm
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for Nd:Yag Laser Pumped Dye Lasers - Pumpwavelength: 266, 355 and 532nm
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List of Laser Dyes


For 33 years now we synthesise laser dyes in excellent quality. The extensive quality management of our experienced chemists ensures a constant quality on a high level.

Our offer consists of a broad range of laser dyes to cover all desired wavelengths. All special data are noticed in the table of our dye poster, already mentioning the pumplaser which is used. Also we offer solvents in laser quality, which are the optimum solvents for Coumarine, Rhodamine and Cyanine dyes because of their high polarity. The high viscosity of Ethylene glycol shows to be an advantage for the use of cw-dye lasers.

Our complete list of Laser Dyes 


List of solvents



When purchasing 5 grams per dye: 15%
When purchasing 10 grams per dye: 25%
Higher discounts for larger quantities and special customer discounts on request!