RD-EXC-5, -20, -200, -300

  • RD-EXC-5
  • RD-EXC-20
  • RD-EXC-200
  • RD-EXC-300
Our Excimer laser are small sized and low priced standard laser with metal oxide ceramic discharge chamber, integrated power supply and corona pre-ionization. Solid nickel electrodes are used near the gas discharge where the halogens are most reactive. This provides a longer component lifetime and a better long-term beam uniformity. The laser are equipped with an internal electrostatic window protection system to increase the gas lifetime and the window cleaning intervals.
In combination with our dye lasers this laser opens a variety of applications in the field of spectroscopy and non-linear optics where medium pulse energies and powers at repetition rates of up to 200 Hz are needed.
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