We offer a wide range of Servo motors for lens mount with counter weight for titanium and compact shutters, Beam Blockers for titanium and compact shutters and different sizes of Servo Motors with various controller settings.

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Mirror Mounts - Colors

All mirror mounts are available in six colors to signalize different optical beams:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Violet
  • Orange

The standard color is red. Other colors on request.

 Mirror Mount Colors

Special Applications

Custom designed opto-mechanics:

You design it – We manufacture it

Customized mirror mounts:

  • From 2 inch up to 20 inch diameter
  • From aluminium to ceramic
  • From red to black

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for Vacuum Applications:

We are able to supply our products partially or completely suitable for vacuum and UHV applications:
  • Mirror Mounts
  • Lens Mounts
  • Posts & Pedestals
  • Translation Stages
  • Breadboards


 Mirror mounts & acc. for vacuum app.

Antimagnet Versions:

By choosing special non-magnetic materials we guarantee an optimum non-magnetic suitability of our components. All antimagnetic products are available as anodized and non-anodized.

We offer the following products for non-magnetic applications :

  • MNI & MNI-H
  • MDI
  • MXI
  • RD1 & RD2
  • Lens Mounts
  • Breadboards
  • Aluminium Post Holders & Posts
  • Etc.

 nonmagnetic Mirror Mounts & Accessories


fineadjustment logo smallFineAdjustment optomechanics are manufactured to exceptionally fine tolerances. Each adjuster is fitted with a patented and long-life lucrication system and a screw head with an additional hexagon socket.

This lubrication sytem guarantees that the thread is evenly supplied with lubricant at every turn of the adjuster. Therefore, wear time is eliminated and components consistently maintain a very smooth movement and perform to design specification throughout their life.

FineAdjustment Optomechanics are constructed from specially treated materials in order to prevent movements due to mechanical stress and changing temperatures.

For further information, go to our Mirror Mounts section.

catalog fineadj 2012
 FineAdjustment Catalog

button opto mirror 125 button opto mirrorhs 125 button opto special 125 button opto post 125

Radiant Dyes produce high-quality opto-mechanical components in our own manufacturing centre. The screws are made in single-part production and are aligned to the nuts. This guarantees that the screws do not scratch or bounce and they can turn smoothly without jerking.

Radiant Dyes offers a variety of two-adjuster and three-adjuster mirror mounts and a wide range of front plates for the various mirror mounts from closed up to two inch, and for special applications for optics up to six inch. Due to the fact that Radiant Dyes produce everything in the own factory, we are able to manufacture also custom-made products.

Our high-quality and stable opto-mechanical components will help you to build up successful experiments.

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