MDI-H with Piezodrive

Our MDI-H (high stable) with Piezodrive is a Mirror Mount which is controlled by a piezo system with our own electronic.

This is also available with a Translation Stage.

Piezodrive with MDI-H
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PiezoMike Linear Actuator

Linear actuator with PIShift piezomotor
Linear screw-type actuator with PIShift piezo inertia drive for high-resolution and stable positioning. Open-loop operation.

PIShift piezomotors
Compact, cost-effective inertia drive (Stick-Slip). When at rest, the drive is self-locking and therefore requires no current and generates no heat. It holds the position with maximum force. Further informations:

Alignment of mechanical and optical components
Stable alignment of optical paths. Long-term positioning stability: High stability in target position, reliable start-up even after longer downtimes. High holding force and resolution by combining piezo actuators with mechanicalthread translation. Optionally vacuum-compatible to 10-9 hPa

PiezoMike Linear Actuator
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