The RD2 is a stable mirror mount with an integrated base. It can be used for optics up to two inch.


  • Very Stable Mirror Mount
  • Available as "right hand" and "left hand" version.
  • Different front-plates available(e.g. 1/2", 1",2")
  • With M6 or M8 thread
  • Standard Screw: Fine thread screws Model 5 with 250 μm/turn 
RD2 Mirror Mount
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Screw Options:

  • Standard: Fine thread screws Model 5 with 250 μm/turn
  • Option: Fine Thread screws Model 5 with 150 μm/turn
  • Micrometer screws with 500 μm/turn
  • Micrometer Screws with 250 μm/turn
  • Micrometer Screws with 100 μm/turn