The MNI mount is a very compact mirror mount which is ideal for applications with low space.

It can be used for optics up to one inch.


  • Small stable Mirror Mounts
  • Open and Closed body plate
  • Different Front Plates available (e.g. 1/2", 1")
  • M4 or #8-32 thread available on request
  • Standard Screw: Fine Thread Screws 150µm/turn
MNI Mirror Mount
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Screw Options:

  • Standard:Fine Thread Screws 150µm/turn
  • Micrometer Screws with 500µm/turn
  • Micrometer Screws with 250µm/turn
  • Micrometer Screws with 100µm/turn



Back plates options:

Front plate options:

Fine thread screw options:

Thread options: