The MDI-H is the most stable mirror mount in our product range. The optics are fixed by a retaining ring instead of a set screw.



  • High-stable Mirror Mount
  • Standard MDI-H with axial mounting ring for distortion free wavefront
  • 4 springs
  • Stainless steel insert for stabilisation
  • Thicker open body plate
  • Thicker front plates
  • Different front-plates available (e.g. ½", 1")
  • M6 thread with M4 inner lowering (standard)
  • M4 or #8-32 or ¼"-20 thread available on request
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Screw Options:

  • Standard:
    Fine thread screws with 250 μm/tur
  • Option:
    Fine thread screw with 150 μm/turn
    Micrometer screws with 500 μm/turn
    Micrometer screws with 250 μm/turn
    Micrometer screws with 100 μm/turn